Meet Mahogany

Mahogany and her mom walked into the Northern Regional Center shortly after her cancer diagnosis, wondering what ECF was all about. They walked out with two toys, a box of Mahogany’s favorite cereal, a birthday bag, and a Caseworker, Caitlin, to provide ongoing support.  Mahogany lives with her younger sister, Sanaa, and their Mom, a single parent and the main financial provider for the family. Mom took a leave of absence from her job after Mahogany was diagnosed, which put a huge financial strain on the family.  Mom has since returned to work, and is just able to make ends meet. She is extremely grateful for ECF’s assistance.

Caseworker Caitlin has been providing Mom and her girls with much needed emotional support.  Mahogany’s sister has been having a difficult time because she has been fearful about her sister’s health while also missing her mother’s attention.  Caitlin helped Mom find a support group specifically for siblings which has been incredibly helpful.

ECF’s Northern Regional Center has been able to provide Mahogany and her family with grocery deliveries which include at least six bags of nonperishable goods each month, in addition to donated clothes, toiletries, and other items (such as dolls, which the girls love) with each delivery. In addition to gifts for the girls during the holiday season, Caitlin also brings donated toys and gift cards for Mahogany and her sister.  After one such visit, Caitlin reported, “I provided both girls with gift cards from ECF. They shrieked with delight and thanked me repeatedly.”

Gift cards to Stop & Shop, gas cards, and clothing store gift cards have helped this family with everyday expenses. Our Regional Director also found the family a much-needed window air conditioner unit.  Through the Regional Center the family was adopted by a local Girl Scout troop which has been providing gifts, get well letters, and fundraisers for the family.

Mahogany has returned to school and her hair has grown back.  Mahogany’s tumors still exist but they are not growing or changing so no further treatment is needed at this time. She is monitored periodically for tumor growth.  Based on the outcome of these scans she may need to resume chemotherapy. In the meantime, she is loving life, and enjoying being a super student at school and a role model for her younger sister.

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