Meet Our Kids

“Sometimes, I feel bad when I think of other kids that have to go through what I went through. It’s great to have groups like the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation out there to help kids and their families. My family knows first-hand how much support cancer families need to get through a cancer diagnosis. “

“ECF helped me and my family when I got sick, and even though I’m better now they are still my friends”

“What this organization has done for our family, is to walk along beside us. That is a priceless gift. Thank you.”

Though Isyss lost her hair during the many years of treatment since her cancer diagnosis at age 3, she and her family were happy that it grew back more beautifully than ever. Her mom says that when Isyss thinks of ECF she thinks of “hope.”

“Some people don’t believe in miracles or God but I do, because of I’m here today to tell my story. On behalf of me and my family, I would like to say thank you to ECF and their sponsors for all that you have done to support my family through this unforgettable journey.”

Meet Some of Our Heroes

Meet Andre

Meet Andre Andre is a 13 year-old fun-loving boy from Paterson, NJ who is a straight A student.  In July 2016, he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and immediately began a grueling regimen of radiation and chemotherapy. At one point during his radiation session Andre...

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Meet Ellie

Meet Ellie When Ellie was undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she was very scared about her hair falling out. To help her feel better, Ellie’s family let her shave her father’s and grandfather’s heads to match hers. Ellie enjoyed this so much,...

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Meet Mahogany

Meet Mahogany Mahogany and her mom walked into the Northern Regional Center shortly after her cancer diagnosis, wondering what ECF was all about. They walked out with two toys, a box of Mahogany’s favorite cereal, a birthday bag, and a Caseworker, Caitlin, to provide...

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Meet Michele

Meet Michele Michele diagnosed with leukemia last spring, just prior to her 10th birthday.  She and her parents have had a lot of challenges coping with her diagnosis, the intensive treatment needed and the side effects of the chemotherapy used for her regimen....

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Meet Tony

Meet Tony For most kids, starting 7th grade is just a normal ending to summer. But for 12 year old Tony Salerno, it is a big deal. When he was only two and a half, Tony was diagnosed with Stage 4, high risk Neuroblastoma—just two weeks before his little sister...

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Meet Isyss

Meet Isyss When Isyss was going through chemotherapy and radiation to treat her Leukemia, she was very worried about losing her hair and concerned that it would never grow back. Though she did experience hair loss during her many years of treatment since her diagnosis...

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Meet Ryu

Meet Ryu Ryu, only 4 years old, recently started undergoing treatment for retinoblastoma, a cancer that develops within the eye. At the time of his diagnosis, his mother, the primary financial provider for his family, had recently lost her job. She was concerned how...

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Meet Diego

Meet Diego Diego is a typical 8 year old boy who loves Legos, batman, and playing with his friends. But unlike many other boys his age, he is excited to be in school every day, because last year he wasn’t able attend school at all because of he was being treated for...

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ECF has helped me tremendously with the support of my Caseworker, Eileen, as well as the volunteers with the holiday wish lists and in making sure Ty had a wonderful birthday every year. And when times were really hard, ECF helped out with meals and food. I don’t think I would have made it through without having to talk to someone who understood. Thank you ECF

Theresa Godfrey, Ty’s mom

Where to Find Us


67 Walnut Ave
Suite 107
Clark, NJ 07066
(908) 322-4323

Joann Passantino
Executive Director

Central Regional Center

67 Walnut Ave
Suite 107
Clark, NJ 07066
(908) 322-4323 x17

Barbara Kopel
Sr. Central Regional Director

Southern Regional Center

451 Beech Avenue
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097
(856) 853-4803

Mary Ann Sullivan 
Southern Regional Director

Eastern Regional Center

1710 Highway 71
Suite 2
Wall, NJ 07719
(732) 282-2324

Rosemarie Contreras
Eastern Regional Director

Northern Regional Center

174 Paterson Avenue
PO Box 212
Midland Park, NJ 07432
(201) 612-8118

Patricia Brussel
Northern Regional Director

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