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Meet Andre

Andre is a 13 year-old fun-loving boy from Paterson, NJ who is a straight A student.  In July 2016, he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and immediately began a grueling regimen of radiation and chemotherapy. At one point during his radiation session Andre suffered second-degree burns. Andre also had trouble with his esophagus, making eating difficult and causing him to lose a lot of weight. When his doctors told him they would have to put in a feeding tube, Andre forced himself to eat in order to avoid

another painful procedure. His determination also showed when he convinced his teachers to let him attend classes via Skype so he wouldn’t fall behind because his compromised immune system kept him out of school.

ECF stepped in to help Andre and his family through regular grocery deliveries, grocery gift cards, new clothing and diapers, and helping them find resources to pay mounting household bills. His caseworker also visited the family to provide much needed emotional support.

Throughout his difficult battle, Andre maintained a positive attitude and a permanent smile. Andre says, “I’m in a battle with a shark and I will win.” 


Andre was right! On December 29, 2016, Andre received his last session of radiation and three months later his last round of chemo ( his caseworker threw him a mini-party in the hospital). Then on March 31, Andre’s final MRI showed no signs of a tumor, leaving him cancer-free and able to go back to school full time!

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