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At ECF our vision is to take part in creating not only a fair, equitable, and inclusive workplace but to see that vision carried over into the work we do with the families we support. ECF believes that every human being has value and has the right to be heard. We acknowledge the importance of understanding and respecting diverse experiences and perspectives and we are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding for all. We believe that embracing the uniqueness and individuality of a diverse workforce will allow us to grow and prosper.


We are entrusted with the profound duty to actively contribute to enhancing the well-being of our clients, employees, and communities. Embracing this responsibility means consciously weaving diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very fabric of our actions.


Our unwavering dedication to DEI not only elevates our performance but also fuels innovation, enabling us to tackle challenges with speed and creativity.


Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond our organization, clients, caregivers, and to the broader community, as we work towards building a society that embraces and celebrates the strength of its differences.



Through intentional efforts, we commit to eliminating barriers to success, ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all individuals, and empowering every person to contribute their unique talents and perspectives. Our commitment to DEI is not just a goal but a continuous journey of learning, adaptation, and improvement. We seek to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce that mirrors the communities we serve.


The leadership committee is responsible for setting the tone for a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensuring that policies and practices align with DEI principles.

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