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Family Testimonials

Each year, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation helps hundreds of families in New Jersey with a free package of support services.


When my I learned my son was diagnosed with cancer, in a split second, my life changed forever. It is with deepest gratitude that I write this thank you letter to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and especially my Caseworker, Michele, for all of your kindness extended to me during the toughest battle of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, and ultimately, allowing me to be there for my son with your help.

– Marie Motisi, Joey’s mom

Chris Nolze

There were many times that I fell down, but I have been very lucky to have had friends to help me back up every time. The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation is one of those friends, and throughout my struggles and difficulties they have helped not only myself, but my family as well.

– Chris Nolze


Our daughter was born just 14 days after our son’s cancer diagnosis.  ECF was right there for us, sending diapers and baby food for her.  They sent toys for her.  Such a wonderful and thoughtful way of helping.  It really helped ease some of the burden on the whole family to know we always had “supplies” in the house.

– Karen Salerno, mom of Tony


ECF has helped me tremendously with the support of my Caseworker, Eileen, as well as the volunteers with the holiday wish lists and in making sure Ty had a wonderful birthday every year. And when times were really hard, ECF helped out with meals and food. I don’t think I would have made it through without having to talk to someone who understood. Thank you ECF

– Theresa Godfrey, Ty’s mom


During my daughter’s illness we received some support through national organizations but nothing compared to the support Emmanuel Cancer Foundation has given us. We are truly blessed to be on the receiving end of the generous outpour from your organization. From gifts throughout the year that brought smiles, groceries to help ease the financial burden; to a friendly face stopping by to check on us has greatly helped to lift our enormous burden.



– Sophia Roman’s mom

Thank you for all the generous help your organization has provided me since day one as without you guys I would not have the hope I do.


– Yusleine Campbell, ECF mom

Kehler family

Thank you so much for the wonderful care packages for our three children. What a nice and awfully generous surprise. The kids were ecstatic. We are happy to report that Wil is doing very well! Thanks to ECF once again! –

- Kehler family


As of August 20th we are eight years off treatment! I hope everyone is doing well and you guys are helping all the families as much or even more than the help you gave mine. If it wasn’t for the foundation I would have lost my faith in myself and my ability to help Rebeckah.

– Stephanie Rutter, former ECF mom

Morinvil Family 

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us over the years. We really appreciate all the food you’ve sent for us during Thanksgiving, all the gifts during Christmas and all the birthday things you have sent. We also appreciate the help you are giving us and we thank you for it. You are our personal angel and we are grateful we have you in our lives.

– Morinvil Family 


My mom’s meetings with our Caseworker really helped her a lot. We never really felt alone during this time. The ECF parties were helpful in getting to see other kids, and their siblings still doing normal stuff made things easier. I remember that as each family moved on when their kids were done with treatment, it made things more hopeful for those of us waiting our turns at being ‘done’. I was glad when it was my turn to see the end of the tunnel. –

– David Carey, former ECF kid


I would like to say thank you the ECF for all you have done for our family for the past 18 months and a big thank you to Amy. Cancer is never easy to deal with, it makes it more bearable when you have so much support. Thank you again… Our daughter Juliana and our family is so thankful!

– Daniela Silva, ECF mom


I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for my family. Today is one year since Nicholas was diagnosed with cancer and he is in remission. We pray everyday it stays that way but we take one step at a time. Again thank you in helping our family.


– The DaSilva family 


Our family would like to thank the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation for always reaching out and helping us when Jhonny was on treatment and even now that he is off treatment.   Birthdays, food  deliveries and inviting us to special events always lifted our spirits and helped us when we were down.

– The Volpe family

Laura Touw

I can’t thank you enough for all your support over the years.

– Laura Touw, ECF mom


I wanted to thank the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation for all the support and generosity they have given us in the past seven years. It really means a lot to our family to know that there are so many people that care about us. In the beginning of Sergio’s illness I felt helpless but having a person to talk to has helped me deal with my tough times. Thank you Emmanuel Cancer Foundation for all of your help.

– Phyllis Ricciardi, ECF mom


My mom saw a sign outside a small house that said Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. She parked and said let’s go inside to see what the foundation is about. It was just a few days before my birthday ……they immediately gave us a welcome gift bag with a birthday present and a bag that had party supplies, cake mix and frosting. By this time my mom no longer was receiving a salary from her job. ECF helped my family by providing groceries every month. I love the granola bars and peanut butter. Whenever my mom told me and my sister that Caitlin (the caseworker) was coming we got very excited because we knew she was coming with gifts. We also got to meet new people through Girl Scouts, which ECF arranged for us. ECF also gave us tickets to the play Aladdin and the Nutcracker. On behalf of my family and I, thank you to ECF and their sponsors for all that you have done to support my family through this unforgettable journey.

– Mahogany Venson


I wanted to thank you so much! Yesterday we received the food. It was truly amazing to have received such wonderful items, all which are needed so much. It made my son feel so special! Truly a blessing!! Jhonny was so happy helping me unpack and going through all the things. He was filled with joy! Thank you so much for making us all feel so much better.


– Cindy Gallego, Johnny’s Mom

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