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Meet Michele

Michele diagnosed with leukemia last spring, just prior to her 10th birthday.  She and her parents have had a lot of challenges coping with her diagnosis, the intensive treatment needed and the side effects of the chemotherapy used for her regimen.

Michele is a bright, articulate young adult who is very close with both of her parents.  Her mom works with young children in a childcare center and her dad is home full time.  Both parents have been with Michele for every step of this journey. Michele’s leukemia is particularly aggressive and requires chemotherapy that is administered on an in-patient basis. 

This rigorous treatment has been very intense with side effects that have needed additional stays in hospitals for cardiac monitoring, follow-up for reactions to the chemo and addressing a concern about Michele having a possible stroke.  Throughout all of this, Michele has been very stoic and resilient, a real fighter and an inspiration to her parents and others.

ECF has provided the family with regular counseling to help each member of the family with their roller coaster of emotions. We have also provided monthly groceries and helped reimburse the family for some of their meals for the times they have stayed with Michele during her treatments in the hospital.  ECF also got the family four new tires for their car and found a source to offer them assistance with their mortgage payment.

The good news is that recently Michele has finally “graduated” from treatment and is back in school—she just received a high honor roll award!

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