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I would like to receive services from ECF. How do I get started?
You can contact us via email:, or via telephone: 908.322.4323 ext. 10. We will take some information from you and assign a Caseworker to your family, depending on your location. There is no application form, there are no fees, and we will come to your home!

Who is my Caseworker? What can I expect my Caseworker to do for my family?

Your Caseworker is a trained, professional counselor who has met the minimum requirement of a Masters degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or a related field. He or she will contact you in order to arrange an initial visit, the purpose of which is to gather information and to assess your needs. Your Caseworker is your primary resource and contact at ECF. He or she will provide emotional counseling for you/your child and any immediate family members via phone or in the comfort of your home or hospital room. Additionally, he or she will continue to assess your needs and can provide related advocacy servicesand coordinate material and financial assistance as needed. Additionally, Caseworkers can provide bereavement counseling to families who have lost a child to cancer.

Who is my Regional Director and what do they do?

Your Caseworker will work with you to determine if there is a need for specific types of material assistance provided by ECF. If there is, that assistance will come from the Regional Center closest to your home. The Centers are managed by Regional Directors, and much of the work there is done by volunteers. A Regional Director or one of the volunteers may, from time to time, contact you for specific information or to arrange for delivery of food and gifts to your home. Your Regional Director and Caseworker contact each other frequently to help mitigate any additional stress for you.

Have additional questions?

Please contact us via email:, or via telephone: 908.322.4323.

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